Officials & Volunteers 

The Beaconsfield Bluefins Swim Club is a private club run by a committee of volunteer parents. To maintain fees at the current structure and help run the club efficiently it is the responsibility and expectation of a parent from each family to be prepared to help either as an official or on one of our committees, i.e. Communications, Fundraising, Hospitality, Telephone Chain, Social Events, Sponsors, etc.

Please indicate your choices on the volunteer form and sign the volunteer agreement. Someone will contact you at the start of the season to inform you of what your responsibilities will be.

  • Competitive swimming is a sport that needs the participation of parents
  • Swim meets are organized by parents who are actively involved with their club
  • Here is your chance to get involved as a volunteer and contribute to the development of your child in swimming
  • At least one parent per family should become a certified official
  • Grand-parents, aunts, uncles as well as brothers and sisters are welcome as officials
Bluefins BBF’s person responsible for officials is Patti Hutchinson, and you can reach her by e-mail:

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