Training for Officials

Today is the beginning of your adventure with swimming! All training sessions are free. All certified officials receive an accreditation number and an official book. When you work in competitions, make sure that your experiences are recorded by signing your book at each session during which you worked.

Ask about training clinics from the Official’s coordinator of your club. These clinics last between one and three hours. In the end, all participants complete a multiple choice quiz on the material and the instructor reviews the answers to the questions. Don’t worry : everyone passes! Then, you apply the knowledge learned by working that particular position in competitions, paired with a person who is already qualified in that position.

The courses offered are:

To all: Timer and safety marshal, and with this course, you get the level 1.

Official level I and II, the order is either:

  • Chief Timer
  • Judge of Stroke/Inspector of Turns
  • Starter
  • Chief Finish Judge/Chief Judge Electronics/Recorder Scorer
  • Clerk of Course
  • Meet Manager

Official level III: Referee

SNC Certification Program

The certification program officials Swimming / Natation Canada (SNC) has 5 levels over several years.

LEVEL I: Red Pin

    • Attend the theoretical training session for timers and safety marshal.

LEVEL II: Intermediate, White Pin

    • Be an official accredited Level I
    • Complete the clinic for Stroke and Turn Judge and one other Level II clinic.
    • Having occupied the same two positions at least twice each during sanctioned meets.

LEVEL III: Major, Orange Pin

    • Have attended all the theoretical courses.
    • Have held six Level II positions at least twice each including that of Stroke and Turn Judge.
    • Organize or give a theoretical course Level I.

LEVEL IV: Senior, Green Pin

    • Be a level III official for at least one year.
    • Have attended the theoretical course for referees.
    • Certify all positions.
    • Organize or give two theoretical Level II training.
    • Pass the level IV evaluation.

LEVEL V: Master, Blue Pin

    • Be a level IV official for at least one year.
    • Work 2 sessions at SNC (National) level competition in any position.
    • Give two courses of Level II training.
    • Pass the level V evaluation.